Welcome to p2Global… An evolving organization that stands guarded for the global market competition and its timely demands while participating with its each global partner for stabilizing or bringing up a new world order within the dynamics of past, current and future socioeconomic realities.

This new 21st century era has evolved around a mechanical world with superficial intelligence race that has lost its original face of humanity. p2Global believes in the ground realities of every organization’s ethics or value system that constantly evolves with timely changes to stabilize or strike a balance in its existing human, knowledge-base and work force for achieving long-term visions. At this very moment, every organization or institution needs to set global missions of mutual participation and cooperation for unified common causes while keeping aside all the differences. It is time for an one global open economy with high social values for a better sustainable and greener world.

The history repeats by itself and so does the global human race, industry, business or technology of today. The Tools and Technologies had been changing their faces around the Time-Wheel of Science and Research over the centuries or epoch. Looks like, the current 21st century human race has left behind the historical significance of human innovations around arts, science, literature because today’s human is challenged with a capitalistic modern society and its superficial life style or luxuries. As every luxury comes with a price tag, so does today’s human is facing the difficult challenges of basic or common means of survival while there is a bigger focus on nuclear power game, invisible war, mass destruction, diseases in the name of global peace and national security.

We at p2Global though not claim to solve every bit of global issues on common ground for survival but definitely have been actively participating in the relevant causes, projects and initiatives in order to consistently pursue, develop and eventually attain the model of global citizenship having common rights across all races, religions, regions or languages. In that respect, we collaborate and build partnerships with various global or local associations, institutions or organizations in order to achieve the best possible within the reach.

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