With a strong team of cross-industry domain expertise and professional practice of Global Standard with Localized Delivery model, p2Global Solutions has diversified capabilities in multiple areas of Arts, Literature, Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. Here are the highlighted Practice Areas part of p2Global Services:

A: Arts and Literature:

  • Training on Areas of Global Cultures, Religions, Mind Mappings, Building Spiritual Partnerships
  • Conceptualization of Subject, Forum discussions
  • Content Writing for Journals, Newspapers, Blogs and Magazines
  • Journalism, Interfacing with Media partners as and when required

B: Science and Engineering:

  • Training on Multiple Areas of Science and Engineering
  • Geology, Geography based Research and Development
  • Environment Science, Projects, Application, Research and Development
  • Renewable Energy Resource related Projects, Initiatives
  • Industry and Institute Interactions – based on Projects, NGO activities

C: Technology and Management:

  • IT Software and Consulting Services:

p2Global collaborates with its partners on global services using futuristic sustainable SCM/ CRM based frameworks while customizing the cross domain or platform areas:

    SaaS (Software as a Service)
    TaaS (Technology as a Service)
    HaaS (Hardware as a Service)
    PaaS (Process as a Service)…
    and many more
  • Web Design Solutions – multiple technologies
  • Enterprise Integration Solutions – across various products and technologies
  • Cloud Computing Solutions – on-demand basis
  • Resource Management Solutions – Infrastructure, Software, HR
  • Customized Technical and Non-Technical Training Solutions
  • GIS Based Services:

Service Overview

    The following gives a high-level snapshot of our IT Software and Consulting Services:

Web Design

    Analyze, design and build various User Interface design services across various web technologies

Graphic Design

        Analyze, design and build various Graphic design services across various desktop or web technologies

Search Engine Optimization

    Analyze, design, build and test SEO services across various web technologies

Web Applications

    Analyze, design, build and test Web Apps in various web technologies: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Java, .Net, Flash
    Build Open-Source based CMS (Content Mgmt System) websites: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla

Mobile Applications

    Analyze, design, build and test Mobile Apps in various embedded RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems): Android, iOS, J2ME, Symbian, Windows CE, Palm OS

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